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by Alexa
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When I look into your eyes, all I see are pupils in black and brown uniform and in a classroom painted white.

They stare intently at something they seem attracted to.

I’m not sure what it is, or who. But I am mesmerized by their stares as they seem to look into my soul.

They call to me and all I wish for is to fall into that whirlpool of black, brown and white.

‘Some color combination that is’ the artist says, dipping his brush in brown paint and splashing it on a blank canvas.

He stands in awe of my description after swishing and flicking on the canvas for what felt like ages.

I am eager to see them again; those eyes that drew me in and bathed me with hope.

You should see what they look like.

Nothing like the real deal but quite close.

So I keep the painting rolled up somewhere in my heart and concentrate on the serenading pool that calls to me.

I’m drowning but I feel alive because I’m staring into the loveliest pair of eyes…

Early Morning Musings



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