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Horrific Friday: Nadine

I had hidden the letters for a long time now but this time they were laid out right beside me when I woke in the middle of the night. A blizzard threatened to take apart the trees in the woods. It had gotten stronger than the previous night. I shivered under my blanket as I tried to make sense of the letters lying beside me. A lonely branch which hung loosely from a nearby tree made an eerie noise against my window every time it bowed to the whims of the wind giving my heart the kicks.
All of a sudden, the windows gave way to the cold wind, tearing the glass into shards.

“Shit!” I cursed under my breath as I rolled myself up in my warm blanket. It felt like Deja Vu as the gory scene flashed across my eyes. Nadine was lying lifeless down the stairs at her brother’s feet as the windows shattered from the irresistible strength of the howling wind.
A noise in the kitchen sent the thoughts reeling back to where I had stacked them away.
“You didn’t kill her,” I repeated slowly hoping my brain would stop fleeing into panic mode. I didn’t mean to kill her. It was totally a mistake. “You couldn’t possibly have killed your wife, you loved her,” I muttered as I clicked on the flashlight. For some reason, the power had gone out leaving me alone in my dark cabin.
The floorboards creaked under my weight as I walked towards the kitchen. A blast of air from the front door sent shivers down my spine. The cabin’s door had been flung open by the wind and the poor hinges were threatening to let go of the door which was bent at an awkward angle. Must be some strong wind, I thought as I inspected the damage.
Sliding what was left of my cabin’s door to shut the cold wind out, I walked into the kitchen. The scent of J’adore L’absolu hung in the air clogging my nostrils. She had worn it against my wish the night she fell to her death.

“Who’s there?” I croaked standing transfixed as I searched the room for my worst nightmare? Her laughter rang from a recorder which rested on a cupboard at the far end corner of the kitchen. I began to walk towards the cupboard when my flashlight hit a figure with a red hoodie. It wore a mask which gave me a wry smile.
Stopping in my tracks, I clicked off the flashlight and listened. Fear, raw fear unclogged my nostrils and raced down my nerves like spasms.

“Nadine?” I muttered as I edged towards the center table in the dark.
Ducking under the table, I peered through the translucent table cloth. My hands responded the best way it could to the fear ricocheting through me. Anybody who saw me at that moment would think I was having a rare case of Parkinson’s. I heard footsteps walk past me as it flicked on the old lantern hanging on the wall. My mouth quivered as my throat dried up.
The figure cast a long shadow against the floor of the room. The noise from the clanging spoons, forks, and knives stacked away in the cupboard made me double over with pain as my heartbeat raced the fear in me. My end was near and all I had was apologies against my opponent’s knife which gleamed with revenge.
“Nadine, I’m sorry,” I… I,” I began, drawing in more air to sustain my racing heart. My adrenaline was all over the place and I bet whoever it was in the room with me could smell it.
“You should be dead, how are you here after a whole year? We buried you,” I said tightening my grip on the torch as it was the only weapon I had. Her laughter echoed again as her figure swished past me and disappeared in the corners. I turned my head swiftly from side to side like prey would seek out a haunting predator.
“I..I am sorry Nad…Nadine,” I stuttered.
“The letters…” I began as I swallowed. “…I couldn’t have you know that I had been cheating on you all these while. It was our wedding, I just couldn’t lose you Nad,” I frantically searched my head for anything that would plead to her conscience.
“Even Seth your brother forgave me after he saw I hadn’t meant to kill you. I am really sorry, Nad. Your memories have haunted me these past months; please forgive me,” I said surrendering to the convulsive waves of guilt that bathed my cheeks with tears. My eyes groped the dimly lit room for the shadow but found nothing. Bile rose to my throat as the thought of lying dead from multiple stabs haunted me.
The lantern went off and I heard the window slide open. The thud that followed made me believe I was forgiven. I slowly crawled out and flicked on my torch. She was gone but she left a note that read, “I’ll be back,” I shut the windows and drew in a long breath. I turned away from the window as my torch flickered.
“Boo!” a familiar voice said before me. I raised my torch which flickered again but before it went off I saw his eyes gleam with revenge behind the mask.
“I’m back,” Seth said as he plunged the knife in my heart.
“No, please… I begged and suddenly I awoke to the shattering of glass.
“It had all been a nightmare,” I said breathing a sigh of relief.
I rolled over to see the damage the wind had done to my windows.
“Boo!” came a familiar voice. And there beside me laid the figure from my nightmare. And there beside me laid the figure from my nightmare.
“Miss me?” he asked and raising his knife, he plunged in. My screams rent the air tearing through the blizzard. All I saw before the white lights was her beautiful face staring into mine and asking, “Is he dead?” Accompanied by his ‘he definitely is my love’ reply I slipped into oblivion.

Got any horrifying experience to share? Be my guest. The comment box awaits. Have a horror-free friyay!

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