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Sweet and Sour alike.

Beautiful like a brilliant glow in the dark and Tricky like a fox’s smile.

Burning with the ease of a fire and fizzling out like the sound of popped soda.

Sits comfortably like a pivot between laughter and chaos and tilts you to whichever is your pick.

Takes different forms yet stemming from a decision.

One which is consciously or unconsciously taken
And whose effects could make or Mar.

A decision made in a split second and which no one can run from.

Emotions give you no choice as you must feel if you claim to be human.

So don’t try to run from it; you may burn out.

Feel all emotions and relish the whispers that accompany each wave of joy, sadness and anger that hits you in the core of your being.

Bask in the ambience of your emotional moments but never let these moments overwhelm you.

Feel all emotions but never act on them all.

Wield your emotions; never let them wield you.

Live, Love, Laugh.

Night Time Musings
Proudly Anita Alexa Njoku

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