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Lexastories is a fiction and non-fiction platform where interesting and inspiring stories are spun to thrill readers. Be you a child or an adult, Lexastories have got stories to reel you into different worlds where you taste different emotions and acts such as love, happiness, agony, kindness, pain, forgiveness, and the will to carry on. Lexastories has lots of books and flash-fiction stories to entertain you and take you into worlds you never imagined existed.
Anita Alexa Njoku, known to most as 'Alexa' and to some others as 'Anita Lexa' is a Christian, CEO Lexastories and a morally driven African writer who wishes to catch the kids while they are still young with books that teach them to live right and be human and inspire adults with books that touch different African and American experiences. "The real world can be a cruel place but sometimes an imaginary world is where you find solace and strength to face the world," she often says. To my readers, "Have fun." To rising writers, "Write to correct the wrongs. Inspire with your words."

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